Why a visit to the bar is better than a webinar.


The best place for creative research is…happy hour. I know what you’re thinking but it’s a fact. A little break during the day. Other activities I’m sure are better for you. Some people exercise, some have a cappuccino, some meditate, nap, walk the dog. But for me, a trip to the local pub for just an hour for a pint is way more productive, and I’ll tell you why.

A visit to a bar is like a focus group, a brainstorm session, and a strategy meeting all in one.

1. The Focus Group. What better place to try out new headlines, run a concept past the bar, or just plain get some ideas from a bored bartender?

2. Brainstorm. It’s the, “hey I’m trying to figure something out, whatdya think” approach. You ask, they talk, the bartender joins the session… all you have go do is take notes.

3. Strategy. “Dude, I’m just not sure how to sell these things” gets you a list of strategies ranging from “I get tired of seeing…” to “maybe you should try some regression analysis to better define your market” (yeah, there are usually a few marketing pros sitting at the bar too.

The other things you learn, just watching. Seeing a master bartender interact with their clientele is creative mastery. How he changes his approach depending on who steps up to the bar. A guy fresh off a job site, he gets the specials, or a hard drink. A well suited fellow coming from a business meeting, gets a martini recommendation. The pretty woman that comes into the bar, she gets whatever she wants.

Like a well crafted direct mail package, a well crafted cocktail can work miracles.

Try it sometime. Just don’t forget your mask.

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Dwight IngramCreative Director  |  IngramCS