All roads lead to the offer

Think of the layout as the Offer Delivery System. The goal is to engineer the components in order to lead the reader organically to the order device where they’ll find all the tools they’ll need to make a decision to respond, with design that is up front, transparent, honest and does not obscure the facts of the offer.

Here’s how:

1. Visual Cues. Move the reader through the package, component by component with bold type, directional boxes, and other methods that lead the reader through calls to action, to the order form.

2. Create roadsigns and billboards along the information highway. Draw attention to savings statements, premiums, the guarantee and other incentives. Keep the reader moving towards the order form. And do not hide the facts, practice full disclosure.

3. Take the scenic route but don’t let them languish. Eye catching graphics and imagery keeps your reader engaged while on their journey to the order.

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Dwight IngramCreative Director  |  IngramCS