The power of brand

In direct marketing we sometimes put brand at the bottom of the list. Offer, lists and creative are prioritizes. But brand can be a powerful tool to ensuring orders and retention. By implementing a brand messaging, colors, fonts and iconography, the audience makes an immediate association. The campaign benefits from marketing that has been established previously.

4 Ways to Apply Established Brand to Benefit Direct Response Campaigns:

  1. Color Palette: A brand’s established color pallette is is the most obvious visual indicator of a specific brand.
  2. Iconography: Symbols, images, shapes, photographic style etc. create s brand association.
  3. Visual Style: Utilize existing visual brand style to create a connection with the prospect. Examples: Apple’s use of white space, Wired magazine’s early use of fluorescent colors.
  4. Messaging: Selectively use familiar wording and messaging to make a connection.
  5. Fonts: Incorporating brand fonts will further add to the association of the existing brand in the mind of the prospect. Brand fonts make a connection, the same as logos, graphics, images and language.

All that said, don’t throw out direct marketing principles and techniques. Remember our goal is to get orders, but our skill should be to elegantly execute marketing that reaches multiple goals and directives.

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Dwight Ingram | Creative Director | IngramCS