Design to maximize response & minimize cost

Many a control has been lost to cost. The design may be gorgeous, the paper elegant, and the photography exquisite, but cost can be is a package-killer.

This doesn’t mean designing on the cheap, it just means being “creative” in your design approach and having a clearly defined goal. And btw, for a high-ticket product with a higher lifetime value, cost may not be an issue. But if you’re trying to beat a postcard with a magalog, you’re gonna lose.

All that said. If a full blown 6×9 or a magalog can revive a fatiguing base, then maybe it’s worth the extra cost.  Especially if you can breathe new life into the marketing campaign and re-introduce the product to your audience.

3 ways to keep costs down.

  1. Stay within standard sizes
  2. Be mindful of personalization, and other production extras
  3. Reduce the size of the brochure.

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Dwight IngramCreative Director  |  IngramCS