Direct Ordering. Who Knew?

Direct ordering. Who knew!?

Last week I was at a local beer garden and was in the process of ordering some food to have with my nice, cold, kolsch. This particular joint has a food truck and while you order your beer at the bar, you order food by QR-code. i pointed my phone to scan the code, and nothing, broken link. So I tried a few more times, gave up, and went to the truck to tell the dude, this code isn’t working! He apologized and offered, “Let’s try this innovative, alternative, state-of-the-art application. It’s really cutting edge and proprietary… It’s called DIRECT ORDERING… you tell me what you want, and I get it for you!”

I just had to laugh. We get so caught up with techno-solutions — especially in direct marketing — that we forget the personal approach. I was reminded that back in the days before the web, we called Direct Marketing, 1:1 marketing, which is what the food truck vendor was practicing in that moment, with me.

Thinking about it now… nobody offers a beer via qr-code… hmmmm.

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