What did you think of first when you red “Think Pink”. Undoubtebly, it was The Barbie Movie. If you didn’t, you must have just returned from Mars, which is it’s own brand of pink, so there’s that.

I walked into my favorite bar the other night to see a friend who’s birthday was that very day. I found him sitting at the bar drinking with his crew, and the first think out of his mouth, was, “Dwight, we’re going to the Barbie movie, you in?” Now when was sthe last time you saw a bunch of dudes prepared to leave their beers at the bar and go to a movie… together!!

That is the power of Barbie… or pink… or branding done well.

For me as a DR creative, I remember feeling a bit wrangled by the overwhelming pressure to use “response colors”, which most often was RED, GOLD, and some shades of blue. I also learned the hard way that colors like purple, olive green, and PINK, were no-no’s, and did not get the desired response.

Until Now.

Pink is back, and I dare you to use it. By all means as a test for sure, but I think this fall calls for a pink campaign, for an unlikely product or title. Let’s do it! I’m game, and I’m willing. So call me 919-265-8605, let’s get started!

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Dwight Ingram | Creative Director | IngramCS