onight, in Moravian churches across Winston-Salem NC there are Love Feasts. Love Feasts are celebrations where families gather to sing Christmas music, drink coffee and snack on Love Feast buns together. They light up the church with candles made of bees wax and enjoy the fellowship of the holiday.

One of my favorite features of Love Feast are the Moravian stars, likely made by my Aunt Hilda who passed away last year. They’re usually white, but she made a gold batch one of which is featured in the photo.

The origin of the Moravian Star begins with the Moravian Boarding Schools where students made these intricate stars during class. Religious leaders and church workers brought these stars along with them while doing missionary work during the nineteenth century.

For me, Moravian stars were a special decoration my Aunt Hilda made by hand, cutting paper for each point, and painstakingly gluing them together to take shape as a star.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at making your own stars, download Aunt Hilda’s pattern here. Just pack some patience and maybe a little schnapps to get you through.

She’s was rather well-known as the “star lady” in Winston-Salem, NC where Moravians settled in 1753. During her life, she proudly made, sold, and gave away literally thousands of stars since as long as I can remember.

The stars are traditionally white, but she made a batch with gold shiny paper, and I still decorate my house with these stars every year during the holidays.

I wish you Happy Holidays, however you choose to celebrate, and I wish you a Happy New Year.

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