Connecting all the dots

When driving response in multichannel marketing campaigns, create a seamless user experience for the user.

Typically, for subscription marketing campaigns we’re talking simple campaigns within a multiple elements, aka a series of emails digital ads, and print efforts linking to landing pages, interstitials, to an order page.

There’s a tendency because we’re busy creating the other efforts, to drive traffic to a standard order page. That’s OK, and I know it’s economical, but it’s far from ideal.

Here are a few things to consider when designing an effective campaign:

  • Create continuity by matching landing page to the referring creative. Connect the order page to it’s source with visual cues, language, offer statements, and brand elements to keep the prospect engaged.
  • Make ordering easy. The layout and design of the page should be easy to follow and intuitive. Keep it simple. This especially applies in phone situations.
  • Be aware of back-end specs and coding. Make sure the landing page elements you create will actually result in an order.

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Dwight IngramCreative Director  |  IngramCS